Campaign 2019

Campaign 2018

Social exclusion means a person is starting to drift away from social contacts. Safety nets are disappearing. The campaign dramatizes the feeling of being left alone in a crisis. Help your fellow man. Anyone can suffer misfortune.

Campaign 2017

President Tarja Halonen and entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka have participated in our Help Your Fellow Man (Auta Ihmistä in Finnish) fundraising campaign to help the less fortunate in society. The pair wanted to send a clear message, that anyone could suddenly be affected by unexpected events which lead to a life of poverty. By literally putting themselves in the shoes of the disadvantaged, they wanted to show how their lives might have turned out had they suffered bad luck.


A hundred people -
A hundred stories.

Everyday someone suffers misfortune. Someone who had their life together just yesterday. It may be due to an accident, illness, unemployment, divorce, assault or death of a relative – there are countless stories and countless people who need help. One person’s bad luck also often affects others, in families especially children. The funds from the Help Your Fellow Man collection are used to support these people.

Thank you for donating!

In 2018, the Help Your Fellow Man collection raised over 1.9 million euros! For us, it is of utmost importance that the help reaches the ones in need. And at a reasonable expense (only 17 %).

See the below graph for how the collected donations are divided:

We want to thank all our partners for their valuable help in the fundraising campaign!



2018 & 2019 campaign photos by Onni Viljami Kinnunen

2017 campaign photos by Anton Sucksdorff / Kasmir Häiväoja