So a single parent is not left alone

The subject of this summer’s Help your fellow man fundraising campaign is single parents who are struggling. Inequality, social exclusion and financial hardship are problems The Salvation Army seeks to alleviate. 

The campaign image by Onni Wiljami Kinnunen alludes to the well-known picture of a guardian angel protecting two children crossing a bridge. In our image, mother and child are alone on a dangerous bridge. 

While the campaign highlights single parents, donated funds are used to help all kinds of people. 

Help us help - so a single parent is not left alone. Thank you!

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The campaign film "Meistä tuli yksinhuoltajia" dramatizes the life of a single parent in a modern world. Video is built around Anssi Kela's iconic song 1972.

The campaign radio spot "Meistä tuli yksinhuoltajia".

Musician Anssi Kela supported our campaign by allowing us to use his song “1972” free of charge. The song was the inspiration for the film.

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A hundred people -
A hundred stories.

Everyday someone suffers misfortune. Someone who had their life together just yesterday. It may be due to an accident, illness, unemployment, divorce, assault or death of a relative – there are countless stories and countless people who need help. One person’s bad luck also often affects others, in families especially children. The funds from the Help Your Fellow Man collection are used to support these people.

Thank you for donating!

In 2020, the Help Your Fellow Man collection raised over 2.4 million euros! For us, it is of utmost importance that the help reaches the ones in need. And at a reasonable expense (only 15 %).

See the below graph for how the collected donations are divided:

We want to thank all our partners for their INvaluable help in the fundraising campaign!


Campaign photos

2022, 2020, 2019, 2018 by Onni Viljami Kinnunen,

2021, 2017 by Anton Sucksdorff & Kasmir Häiväoja